Petar Peshev is a professional photographer, graduated with a master degree in Photography and more than 18 years of practice. He started as an assistant of different photographers and later set up photographic studios on his own. He specialized in advertising, documentary, portrait and fashion photography. After his periodical work in Germany (2001-2002), he worked as a photographer for various issues in Bulgaria and in 2006-2007 also as a photojournalist for the Focus News Agency  one of the most authoritative agencies in Bulgaria. During the periode 2007-2008 he worked also a teacher in photography in Plovdiv University Paisii Hilendarski and in the Academy of Music, Dance and Fine Arts. During the periode 2008-2013, apart from the work for another corporate clients, he was the official photographer of Philip Morris Bulgaria.

The photo exhibition "Documentary portraits"is taken during a two years period in various towns and villages in Bulgaria. Due to my job as a photojournalist, I had the possibility to meet different people and to talk to them about their work and way of life. I tried to photograph their faces without asking them to pose - they are like living sculptures, painted by life. Every single line or mark is an imprint of something experienced and suffered.